Prayer For Sick Friend

  • Allah I pray for Your special healing and
    protection for my friend,
    She emailed last night and said her dad,
    who is 86 years old, had a heart attack yesterday.
    He is in hospital and stable, and will be undergoing
    a catheterization and ultrasound today.
    I pray that the procedures go smoothly,
    and that the medical team will be guided by
    Your healing hand in treating his condition.
    Please send them healing energy and the peace
    of knowing that You are in all things,
    Allah Almighty. Ameen and thank You Allah!
  • Is your heart heavy over a sick friend or family member?
    Do you wish you could do something to help?
    You can lift your friend or family member to the Allah in prayer.
    a prayer to help you ask Allah for healing.
  • Allah, I pray for my friend just as your Word tells me to pray,
    for healing. I believe you hear this earnest prayer from my heart
    and that it is powerful because of your promise.
    I have faith in you, Allah, to heal my friend,
    but I also trust in the plan you have for his life.
  • Dear Allah,
    You know my friend/family member so much better than I do.
    You know his/her sickness and the burden he carries.
    You also know his heart. Allah, I ask you to be with
    my friend now as you work in his life. Allah,
    let your will be done in my friend’s life.
    If there is a sin that needs to be confessed and forgiven,
    please help him to see his need and confess.

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